Aung Kyaw Minn

I am a Software Developer, as well a Tech Consultant. I work as a freelancer using the business name "Logika"

12 Years' Experiences

I have been working in IT industry since 2008. The first two years as a technical engineer in a telecom company and the another ten years as a software developer.

Some of Companies

I worked for

Activity in numbers

I have been serving with my heart for clients and upgrading their businesses with supportive technology, implementation and deployment.


Businesses and Organizations


Websites, Softwares and Apps
Here you can check

My Projects

I develop websites, web applications and desktop software applications.

Contact Me

I am keen on creating a solution for your business with a sense of passion. I could design the solution based on your needs! You can reach me on facebook or messenger as well on phone and send email. Thank You!